Blog: Bespoke Seam Binding Quick Tip Video

We’re reviving our Quick Tips videos and starting by bringing back some older content you may have missed, this one from 2017. In this short video, Katy Leitch shows you how to quickly and easily dye seam binding to match any project! Seam binding is a really inexpensive product widely available from haberdashery stores, so this is a great way to make budget trim that looks fabulous and perfect matches your colour scheme.

In the video I use spray inks, but you can also smoosh inks onto your craft mat and spritz them, use any kind of liquid ink (watercolour inks, acrylic inks or reinkers), or even dye with  acrylic paint (although you’ll get a very different look and texture with paint). Experiment with what you already have.


  • Spray inks
  • Seam binding ribbon
  • Heat tool
  • You may also want gloves as this technique creates inky fingers!

Video Tutorial


  1. Thanks for the fabulous inspiration Katy, I have been doing this for a little while now with lace & paper flowers, but not thought of using seam tape or bias binding as I know it as. Of to order a bundle x

  2. I have now tried this & love how the binding looks. I am definitely a convert. Thanks Katy


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