Blog: Wellspring Taster Challenge – Finding the Positive

In Carisa’s project you’ll journal through your feelings, spilling then covering those thoughts, and focusing on the positive ones to create a pick-me-up page.

For this lesson, we’ll be writing things down in our art journals and then covering it up with collage, paint or whatever makes you happy. The twist is that what we cover it up with will reflect our writing. When we write in our art journals, it is usually done so that we can’t read it later and definitely so no one else can read our deepest thoughts. However, just because we use imagery or collage to make a representation of what we wrote down doesn’t mean it has to be exactly word for word; you can make it as loose an interpretation as you like.

Something I have started doing is journaling first thing in the morning (before or after coffee is up to you!). I find that these thoughts first thing are less likely to be clouded by daily activities and more authentic of what I am feeling. I got this idea from a great book I am reading called The Artists’ Way. The idea is to write 3 pages of thoughts, coherent or not, just keep writing until you fill up three pages, then tuck it away in an envelope never to look at again. As an art journaler, I decided to do my morning pages in my journals and cover them up so that I’m not tempted to read them ever again. I love the look of text in my journals anyway and it eliminates the blank page when I do sit down to create. Sometimes I will cover them up right away with some gesso, other times I just go in with other mediums and bring in gesso later.

Once I was done with my background, I chose words and phrases to collage into my page that reflected what I wrote, choosing to focus on positive words and phrases only. I don’t know about you, but those negative thoughts tend to sneak their way into my thoughts and writings all too often. We can choose to proactively focus on the opposite positive things from those negative thoughts and that is what I did on my page.

I hope you will find this exercise therapeutic; however if you find that writing things down is not a good feeling, please feel free to skip that step (or write your favourite poem, song lyrics, etc. instead). We want this to be a feel good art session for all over you. I hope you enjoy the video tutorial and completed project.


  • Ranger Ink: 6×6 Dina Wakley Media Journal
  • Ranger Ink: Dina Wakley Media Gloss Sprays: Magenta, Fuchsia, Turquoise, Eggplant, Ocean, White
  • Liquitex: Gesso – White
  • Donna Downey Stencils: Numbers Repetitive, Silhouette Duo
  • Ranger Ink: Dina Wakley Media Collage Sheets, Dina Wakley Media Gel Medium
  • Stabilo: Marks All Pencil – Black
  • Waterbrush
  • Flat Brush 1” and ½”

Video Tutorial

Enjoyed this lesson? We’d love you to join us on Wellspring 2020 for a whole summer of uplifting, empowering, thought-provoking, life-affirming lessons, all with a mental wellness theme!

Meet the Tutor

Carisa Zglobicki

Carisa Zglobicki

Carisa began stamping and crafting in 2009 when a friend introduced her to Copic markers; 10 years on and she still loves bringing a black and white stamped image to life with colour. Carisa is a self-confessed medium junkie, as she loves experimenting with watercolours, acrylic paints, markers, pencils; pretty much anything she can get her hands on. She loves sharing her creative process on YouTube and Instagram – usually late at night because she is definitely a night owl!

Blog: inkyfairydesigns.com

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  1. Really inspiring – have lost my ‘mojo’ the past few weeks but this has inspired me to try and not overthink too much (work in progress)


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