Blog: The Artful Academy Story

We’ve changed our name but our stuff is just the same!

So you may have been expecting to find Mixed Up Creative Academy when you clicked over here today… but worry not! We are still here and going strong, we’ve just decided to rename and rebrand.

You may be curious as to why, so I thought I’d share. For a while now I’ve been unhappy with the company name. It kind of evolved from old names we had for previous incarnations of the business (Mixed Up Magazine then Mixed Up Creative). It just got longer and more complicated as we went along and the core function of the business changed.

Recently I did some market research that confirmed what I expected – the name Mixed Up Creative Academy wasn’t easy to remember. It was too long. It was confusing.

I wanted to keep the word Academy because it reflects our key aim – to educate and inform. This site is a place of learning, somewhere you can be encouraged to grow your skills, knowledge and confidence through understanding techniques and products better. And I decided to ditch the Mixed Up bit as nowadays we don’t just do mixed media. Although it’s still a key focus, I wanted my tutors, and my business, to have more scope to teach a little more broadly.

So the outcome is Artful Academy. I hope you really like the new name and that it’s more representative, more memorable and easier to type when you want to tag us!

At the moment we’re still in the process of morphing into our new identity, so you will still see the old logo here and there on the site while we work through everything. But the site should be working in exactly the same way as it was before.

For the next few months we’ll keep reminding you that it’s still us until you get used to our new identity!

Please do let me know what you think about the new brand.

Happy creating!

Katy x

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  1. Love the new name. A lifelong artist, I saw your name as the entire creative world with my decade long interest, Mixed Media, but admit, I had to double check to make sure I used the words in the correct order to identify you site. So Yes. I give it a TEN.


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