About the Academy and Me!

Hello and welcome! I’m Katy and I own and run Artful Academy (formerly Mixed Up Creative Academy). I’d love to tell you a little more about me and my vision for the business.

I’ve been a creative sort all my life (as a child I loved to create little clay things for my dolls’ house) but I really discovered crafting when I was going through a very hard time in my life. I had to take a significant amount of time off work with anxiety and depression. I needed time to heal, but I also needed to fill my days with something fulfilling that would help to ease my troubled soul. One day my husband took me to Hobbycraft, I purchased a selection of scrapbooking goodies, and the rest, as they say, is history….

By education I’m an art historian, and I feel like a love of art is truly in my blood. I worked in the past as project manager and then as a magazine editor (in the craft sector) before I started my own business. The journey to discovering self-employment oddly mirrors my journey into the world of art – I was too unwell to work, but had always had a hankering to be my own boss, and started thinking about ways I could earn a living from home. My passion for art and craft was the obvious path. I started out creating tutorials for various UK magazines, but soon realised that I was constantly having to compromise my creative vision (the cutesy pink waterfall cards were the last straw!!!) and so I decided I would teach my own way. One enormous learning curve later, Mixed Up was born, starting out life as a digital magazine but soon morphing into something much more aligned with my desire to share my skills and knowledge with others – and Artful Academy came into being.

Art has been a hugely important part of my journey through mental health battles, and that’s why our signature programme is Wellspring, a school focussed on using art for self-care and mental wellbeing. Our newly launched programme, Savvy Supply School is also close to my heart – although I am a self-confessed hoarder of stash, I’ve come to realise that I can make art with nothing more than a nice black pen and a bit of paper. I firmly believe that art doesn’t need to be an expensive hobby and a LOT of what we buy is purely based on marketing and not real need – and that’s where the frugal, free and fun techniques from Savvy Supply School come in!

My arty passions are mixed media, collage and rubber stamping, although lately I’ve been learning to draw, and am very slowly getting better at it! I’ve built up a lot of years of experience and there aren’t many things I haven’t tried – I’m very guilty of getting totally obsessed with a product or technique for a few weeks, then unceremoniously dumping it for my next creative crush!

We are a small business but one with big ambitions. Our mission is to bring you courses with a really strong educational content, without waffle and flannel, which equip you with the tools to go and create with confidence.

There are three things I want Artful Academy to be: inspirational, educational and affordable.

I couldn’t do this alone and I have the most amazing team of tutors who are so supportive and really give more to this business than I could have ever dreamed or expected of anyone. These wonderful people share my passion for teaching and we all look forward to meeting you very soon.

Katy x

Some of the pieces I’ve created for Artful Academy