Subscription price: £12.00 per month


AcademyPlus is a monthly subscription to the Mixed Up Creative Academy, costing just £12 a month (approx $15 USD)

Do you love learning new things as much as we do? Then we have treat for you! With our AcademyPlus subscription get new courses every month, plus generous discounts, and other just-for-fun bonuses.

  • Subscriptions work like a magazine, with your subscription period beginning on the 1st of the month following your joining date
  • You won’t be charged anything until the 1st of the following month (excepting where you join on the exact day the subscription starts i.e. the first of the month)
  • Your courses will begin to roll out the week of your first payment
  • We’ll add all of our free courses to your account right away, so you have a little something to keep you going
  • For example, if you join on 20th January, your first payment will be made on 1st February and your courses for February will begin rolling out that same week (your subscription content is rolled out across the month, so you don’t get all the content in one go).

Every month, we’ll email you to tell you what’s new in your account for that month (so make sure you tick ‘yes’ to the email newsletter at checkout), and you simply login and go to My Courses to get learning! Easy and hassle free! We guarantee your package is always worth more than the subscription price, and you can save even more £££ with discounts on our other classes and products. Our flexible subscription has no tie-in beyond the first month, and you can cancel at any time. If you cancel, you still keep lifetime access to any content that was added to your account during your paid subscription period.

What do subscribers get?

  • One Collection or Workshop per month
  • All of our Mini Collections, as they are released
  • Generous discounts on other products not included in your subscription, including our school programmes and e-books
  • Other occasional bonuses just for being awesome!
  • Amazing quality tuition from some of the best teachers from across the globe
  • Downloadable PDFs and video content included for all lessons in your courses
  • Lifetime access to any courses that form part of your subscription, even if you cancel

Academy Plus Subscription

£12.00 on the 1st of each month