Butterfly Scraps Printable

Butterfly Scraps Printable


This Printable sheet is created from scans of authentic Victorian scraps, used for decoupage, decorative projects and scrapbooking by the Victorians. It contains various butterflies and some complementary words to use alongside them. Butterflies are such useful imagery and perfect for a finishing touch, to give whimsical characters wings, or to fill a gap in your composition.

Mixed Up Printables are high resolution PDFs designed for quality printing. Purchasing the item generates a download link from which you can access your Printable PDF file. Printables are ideal for mixed media or collage enthusiasts who don’t have the time or space or budget to collect real items of ephemera to use in their artwork. They are designed to be cut out from the sheet for use. This Printable is a single page. The product you receive is as shown in the image, but it is of course provided to you without the copy-protection watermarks.

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