Mysteries of Mail Art with Niamh Baly

Mysteries of Mail Art with Niamh Baly


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Unlock the mysteries of mail art with this comprehensive course from the wonderfully talented Niamh Baly! Niamh guides you through the history of mail art, then shows you how to create amazing collaged postcards, faux postage stamps, vellum envelopes and faux seals, and finishes with a lovely box to store your treasure in!

This course contains 8 video tutorials and 2 hours of narrated tuition with Niamh.

Lessons in this course:

  • Mail Art Introduction
  • History of Mail Art
  • Mail Art Supplies
  • Mail Art Postcards
  • Faux Postage Stamps
  • Faux Seals and Vellum Envelopes
  • Finishing Touches
  • The Treasure Box