Wellspring 2020

Wellspring 2020


Join us for 18 weeks of uplifting, empowering, thought-provoking, life-affirming lessons!

Wellspring is an inspirational, motivational school all about using art for mental wellness and self-care. It runs in our dedicated online classroom from May 1st to August 18th 2020. Through 30 energising and insightful lessons we will explore how and why art can be a powerful tool for mental wellbeing and self-care and make lots of beautiful projects along the way.

You can read about the course in much more detail on the Wellspring webpage here: https://artfulacademy.com/wellspring2020

We will roll out new lessons each week, which are a mixture of art journaling exercises, art projects and articles. Every project is designed with a wellbeing theme in mind, to help you explore your art practice in a meaningful and beneficial way, and you will take away ideas and approaches you can continue to use once the course ends. We’ll supplement the creative projects with a series of insightful written articles exploring a variety of interesting topics around mental wellbeing, to help improve your knowledge and give you extra food for thought.

At the end of this course, we hope you will be equipped with all kinds of tools to put in your arty box. You will have learned many ways that being creative can be beneficial to your health, and how to take those lessons and make them part of your daily art practice.

30 fantastic lessons

  • 24 inspiring projects, 2 artful meditation exercises and 4 insightful articles, all with a mental wellness theme
  • Expert tuition from a team of amazing international teachers, including several with specialist mental health knowledge and expertise

Private Facebook group only for students

  • Open for the duration of the course and for at least one month afterwards to enable catch-up
  • One-to-one support, advice and guidance from founder Katy Leitch
  • Meet and ask questions of your course tutors

Printable resources for you to download and keep

  • Quality Printable resources included with some lessons, yours to keep once the course ends to use on other projects

A purpose-built classroom environment

  • Beautifully presented lesson content, with an introduction, clear project photos, supplies list, and tutor bio included alongside the tutorial itself
  • Lifetime access to your course
  • Downloadable video or PDF files for all lessons