Join us for 18 weeks of uplifting, empowering, thought-provoking, life-affirming art lessons themed around mental wellbeing!

Wellspring is an inspirational, motivational school all about using art for mental wellness and self-care. It runs in our dedicated online classroom from May 1st to August 18th 2020. Through 30 energising and insightful lessons we will explore how and why art can be a powerful tool for mental wellbeing and self-care, and make lots of beautiful projects along the way.

All this for just £75

PLUS get an additional 15 lessons from last year’s course, available immediately when you sign up!

What are the benefits of this course?

  • Understand and develop your relationship with your art practice and take it to a more meaningful, nourishing place
  • Learn practical, implementable methods, tools and techniques for using art to boost your mental wellbeing
  • Grow your self-confidence; get motivation and encouragement to create; and be part of a positive, enriching learning environment
  • Become more in tune with your creative practice as you connect with the why and think about the process in different ways
  • Meet new friends in our private, safe-for-all, supportive and nurturing Facebook community
  • Be supported and encouraged on your wellbeing journey by Katy, your tutors and your group peers
  • Learn new art skills from experienced, enthusiastic tutors
  • Create beautiful art you that makes you proud to say ‘I made that!’!

30 inspirational lessons including these stunning projects!

What’s included in the course?

30 brand new, exclusive lessons delivered between 1st May and 18th August 2020

  • 24 inspiring projects, 2 artful meditations and 4 insightful articles, all with a mental wellness theme
  • Expert tuition from a team of amazing international teachers, including several with specialist mental health knowledge and expertise

A private Facebook group only for students

  • Regular one-to-one support, advice and guidance from founder Katy Leitch
  • Meet and ask questions of your course tutors
  • Open for the duration of the course and for at least one month afterwards to enable catch-up

Printable resources for you to download and keep

  • Quality Printable resources included with some lessons, yours to keep once the course ends to use on other projects

A purpose-built classroom environment

  • Beautifully presented lesson content, with clear project photos, an introduction, supplies list, and tutor bio included alongside the tutorial itself
  • Lifetime access to your course
  • Downloadable video or PDF files for all lessons

Your amazing tutors!

Meet our magical team of tutors – a truly international bunch of talented women who love to teach!

How is the course delivered?

We will roll out new lessons every week throughout the course – the lessons are a mixture of art journaling exercises, art projects, artful meditations and articles. Every project is designed with a wellbeing theme in mind, to help you explore your art practice in a meaningful and beneficial way, and you will take away practical ideas and approaches you can continue to use once the course ends.

Some of the lessons are fun and playful, and some are more challenging, designed to really make you think. As well as beautiful journal pages, you’ll create projects such as wall art, mindfulness aids, assemblage and even something wearable!  We’ll supplement the creative lessons with a series of insightful written articles exploring a variety of interesting topics around mental wellbeing, to help improve your knowledge and give you extra food for thought.

A number of our tutors are qualified in areas around mental health but many are just like you – keen creatives who use their art to support their personal and mental wellbeing and want to share their approach with you.

At the end of this course, we hope you will be equipped with all kinds of tools to put in your arty and self-care boxes. You will have learned many ways that being creative can be beneficial to your health, and how to take those lessons and make them part of your art practice.

Thoughts from our 2019 students

I’ve tried things I never would have… and I’m loving every new thing I try. Thank you for the support, the ideas, the non-judgmental, encouraging and uplifting comments you and your team give us. I will work my way through these fabulous, eye-opening classes as time allows knowing when I do I will continue to love this journey of exploring art.

Wellspring 2019 student

Thank you so much for this incredible journey. I am determined to complete all the fantastic projects from the incredibly amazing tutors. You have outdone yourself with this and you should be incredibly proud of yourself. I for one will be signing up for the course next year. Well done.

Wellspring 2019 student

I am loving the course. The course is definitely value for money. It has been good to know that I am not the only one struggling with anxiety. I want to say thank you for all that you have done… I feel so much better in myself and am learning to enjoy my art.

Wellspring 2019 student

I loved this course… found myself wanting to unlock the next one early just to see what it held in store. Some of the classes I initially thought maybe weren’t for me, turned out to be great fun anyway. The support within the group was uplifting. I love that I can come back and revisit the whole thing at a later date and think it might be interesting to see the results of undertaking the same class projects at a different point in time. I think Wellspring 2019 was a HUGE success.

Wellspring 2019 student

Loved it! I still have a few lessons to do and I’m so thankful that we get lifetime access which for me makes it one of the best of these types of courses around. Great value for money, not just Wellspring but all of your courses. Thank you Katy and team tutors.

Wellspring 2019 student

I for one have loved the challenges it posed, great value for money and wonderful that we have the lessons for a lifetime. The content is more than enough and the variety of knowledge and skills shared is way beyond what I have experienced in the past.

Wellspring 2019 student

Frequently asked questions

How does Wellspring work?

The school runs for a period of 18 weeks from May to August 2020, with new lessons being released each week. Lessons begin rolling out on 1st May, but we have some bonus content for ‘early bird’ customers, rolling out in April. Each time a new lesson is released we will email you (if you’ve signed up for the mailing list) and post the information in the private Facebook group. Lessons are accessible via this site – simply log in and access your My Courses page (don’t worry, we’ll send you full instructions when you enroll).

This year we’ve built two ‘half term’ weeks into the schedule, which are there for you to catch up with the previous lessons and reflect on the work you’ve already done. During those weeks we will have an artful meditation exercise but no projects to complete. We’ve added this as feedback from previous students suggested the occasional week off is great for maintaining motivation and preventing overwhelm or lesson fatigue.

In our Facebook group we will also have additional content to encourage you and help keep you motivated (please note all the learning content is in the classroom; if you decide not to join us on Facebook you won’t miss any lesson content). In the group there will be the opportunity to ask questions about any of the lessons in the course or around our theme in general. Katy provides one-to-one support to all students and your tutors will also be available in the group to help and guide you with their own lessons.

Is all the content new?

Yes this is a completely new course – every lesson is brand new, never seen before, and exclusive to MUCA. All the course content is carefully commissioned especially for this course and you won’t find any of our Wellspring lessons available anywhere else!

How will I benefit from the summer school?

The aim of the school is to enable to you explore your creative processes and how they can have a therapeutic benefit. We want you to think about how creativity can become part of your self-care regime to aid your mental wellbeing.

Benefits of this course:

  • Understand and develop your relationship with your art practice and take it to a more meaningful, nourishing place
  • Learn tools and techniques for using art to boost your mental wellbeing, that you can use again and again, even after the course ends
  • Grow your self-confidence; get motivation and encouragement to create; and be part of a positive, enriching learning environment
  • Meet new friends in our private, safe-for-all, supportive and nurturing Facebook community
  • Learn new skills from experienced, enthusiastic tutors
  • Create beautiful art you that makes you proud to say ‘I made that!’!

Although we do have mental health experts working with us, this course is not sold as a treatment or medical intervention for any type of mental health condition and we are unable to offer direct mental health support or advice. Our aim is to equip you with tools and knowledge which you can use in your art practice to boost your wellbeing, help with self-care, and build your feelings of confidence and self-esteem.

How is the course taught?

We have a mixture of teaching and presentation styles throughout the course, which helps to keep learning with us varied and interesting. The majority of the lessons are video tutorials (23 lessons), but the course also includes three step-by-step photo tutorials, and four written articles packed with information and tips. Our lessons vary from in-depth exercises which will make you think and reflect, to projects that are more lightweight and fun.

Unlike some teaching sites, we don’t just plonk a video on a web page and call it a course. Our courses are beautifully presented on-screen, with lots of supporting information like big clear photos, an introduction from your tutor, a supplies list, and their bio information in case you’d like to follow them online in future. Our step-by-step tutorials are fully laid out on screen for easy reading – you don’t have to read anything off a PDF unless you want to! There are downloadable resources for every lesson if you would rather learn offline.

What is the Facebook group like?

We have a private, student-only Facebook group for this course, which is open for the duration of the course and one month afterwards, to enable you to catch up with any lessons you have missed.

Our groups are always safe, friendly, spaces, where we lift one another up and support each other throughout the course. We actively promote a positive, uplifting environment, where you can feel comfortable to share your work. Our group and courses are welcoming for EVERYONE, no matter where you are on your art journey and we work hard to especially encourage new or inexperienced makers.

Our student numbers are relatively small compared to some other online course providers and we like it that way, because it means every person can be seen, heard and supported in our group.

The group is facilitated by Mixed Up Creative Academy founder Katy Leitch. Katy checks into the group at least five days a week, to comment on your posts and offer you encouragement, support and advice on the course lessons. Each of the tutors will also be available to help with their specific lesson(s). We’ll have regular motivational and discussion posts to help you get the most from your time on the Wellspring course.

If you don’t want to join us on Facebook, don’t worry. You won’t miss out on any of the course content; ALL the lesson content is delivered via the classroom.

How much time will I need to commit?

The simple answer is as much or as little as you like but you will benefit most if you can commit some time over the weeks the course is running, so you can get involved with our Facebook group and take advantage of the opportunity to ask questions in that group. We will keep the Facebook group open beyond the end of the course to enable a catch-up period.

Our art journaling lessons should take no more than a couple of hours; some of the projects are quick to make, others may take longer.

Access to the course is lifetime and you can simply go back to the modules again at any time by logging into the site. We also provide downloadable versions of the content for you to store and view offline, if you wish.

What supplies do I need?

The aim of this course is to give you tools, techniques, and exercises to take away that you can apply to all your creative processes. We encourage you to create with what you have, using the prompts and ideas put forward in the lessons. We are not suggesting you make any purchases for this course but access to a printer would be advantageous as we’ll be supplying some printable content for you to use.

Some of the lessons focus on art journaling so you may wish to have a journal to play with as we go. However, we’re kicking off with a tutorial where you will create your own journal if you don’t have one, or would like to create something specific for this course.

Most lessons will use mixed media basics such as acrylic paints, pens, stamps, stencils, inks, mediums and the like. We will suggest alternatives to less commonplace supplies where possible and are happy to discuss different ways to approach each lesson using the supplies you already have in the Facebook group.

Can I access the course on mobile devices?

Yes absolutely! Our website has been designed to be used on a variety of platforms, including smartphones and tablets. The layout of the pages will look a little different on a smaller mobile screen, to make them easier to read, but all the content is exactly the same.

Note you will need an internet/WIFI connection to view the courses online and stream the video content but we also provide downloadable PDF and video content which can be viewed offline for your convenience.

Do AcademyPlus subscribers get a discount?

Yes, of course you do, you lovely people! There will be a special discounted rate exclusively for AcademyPlus subscribers, which means the course is cheaper for you folks than everyone else. Details will be sent to you via your email newsletter.

Any other questions?

If there’s anything else we can help you with, don’t hesitate to drop an email to katy@mixedupcreative.com or contact Mixed Up Creative Academy via our Facebook page.